Institutes of Computer and Information Technology (STRI)

The Science and Technology Research Institute is working as a center of research cooperating with institutions and organizations inside and outside the university. STRI is supporting, promoting  and publishing the university’s research studies, as well as administering the university’s intellectual properties and the application of the research results for commercial purposes.


    1. To perform as a major organization of the university in forming policies and work plans, as well as being responsible for the promotion, support, and administration of the university’s research.
    2. To allocate research budgets and search for research support from institutions and organizations inside and outside the university, and evaluate research results for more effective application.

    3. To perform as a centre of research information and publication for the country’s advantages as well as to promote the research implementations for commercial benefits. The STRI also coordinates with the section of industry and makes use of the discoveries of such research for educational purposes.
    4. To support the centre of research in specific fields and promote educational management of the university by providing the university’s lecturers and students with varied academic services in terms of the use of laboratories, testing devices and equipment.
    5. To manage and administer the university’s intellectual properties as a consequence of research studies as well as benefits obtained from such properties.

The Science and Technology Research has been divided into 6 divisions

  1. Director's Office
  2. Division of Research Promotion and Evaluation
  3. The Division of Research Information System Developing
  4. The Centre of Research in Specific Fields
  5. The Centre of Business Incubation
  6. The Centre of Intellectual Property Management


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Location: Building STRI
Contact number: 02-555-2000 Ext. 1500-1518