Institute of Technological Development for Industry (ITDI)

The Institute of Technological Development for Industry (ITDI) is a department under KMUTNB which acts as a center of academic services for the government and the private sector in business and industry. ITDI was established in 1991. It comprises a Director’s Office and 6 sub-centers: Plastic Technology Center, Instrumentation and Control Center, Automation Center, Welding and Inspection Center, Training Department, and Industrial Park.

The ITDI provides training services and consultation for technicians and engineers in various areas, such as productivity management, process quality management, machine technology, and automated systems.
ITDI is also a center for product safety testing according to industry standards.
   1. Testing of electric appliances, such as rice-cookers, washing machines, tumbler dryers, water heaters, electric thermo pots, electric fans, and electric fryers
   2. Testing of plastic products
   3. Testing of welding and material
   4. Inspecting NGV installation
   5. Inspecting OTOP (One Tumbon One Product) products

ITDI conducts research and development in engineering, sciences, and industrial technology.

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Location: Building Anekprasong, 7-8 Floor
Contact number: 02-555-2000 Ext. 2613, 2616, 2617