Man develops Science and Technology, Student Activities develops Man


  1. Promoting the students development both in physical, intelligence, behavior, society, and ethics.
  2. Providing services and welfares to promote the students readiness to study and to organize the university's environment for supporting students learning and progress.


To be concentrated in developing students to become good graduate and to provided services with quality and sustainability


To achieve services to students development

The student affairs have responsibilities to develop and to make readiness for students to become good graduates and good residents who are perfectly in physical, mind, intelligence, and society and they are promptly to alteration and plays important role in country development in a future. Student affairs division focuses on promoting the activities of students regardless of academics, sports, arts and culture, social benefits performing, and the division activities including to education and career guidance, students discipline promoting, services and welfares providing, moreover, the division aims to promote students progress in many ways such as student self assessments, career selection, student physicals, intelligences, behaviors, societies, and ethics development. Furthermore, the division pays attention to management of university's environment to support learning atmosphere.

Student affairs division consists of eight working units as follows;

  1. Administration and Management
  2. Student Activities
  3. Education and Career Guidance
  4. Health Service
  5. Student Disciplines and Developments
  6. Student Welfares
  7. Student Service Center
  8. Student Affairs at KMUTNB, Prachinburi Campus