The accommodation center for learning and recreation (student dormitory), King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok at Bangkok, has been servicing the accommodation for vocational certificate student level and bachelor's degree level who are from remote provinces since the academic year 2009. Besides, there is the accommodation serviced for foreign students.

The student dormitory was built to be the good quality accommodations with welfare, living atmosphere and proper environmental condition which facilitate quality of living and an academic quality. Furthermore, the student dormitory is also a development mechanism for the students to experience lifelong learning, living skills, social skills, sharing and generosity which are beneficial for living together with others. There are two building where are able to be served for 960 students; the 240 rooms-male dormitory and the 240 rooms-female dormitory. Each room is set for two students.

Facilities provided:

The common area :
- 2 elevators for each dormitory
- Keycard and finger print scanner systems
- Security guards for 24 hrs.
- Bike lot
- First- aid room and ambulance
- Food and beverage kiosk
- Washing machine and vending machine

The personal room :
- Room and room with air conditioner (for foreign student)
- Bunk bed, wardrobe, desk and chair
- Wet room (including sanitary ware)