The Faculty of Information Technology originally offered education in international programs in collaboration with Monash University, Australia. In 1996, the Faculty was situated in Prachinburi Province. Three years later, the Faculty moved to the Bangkok campus and offered education in both international and Thai programs in order to provide a wide range of graduate-level professionals who are proficient in Information Technology. Principally, the Faculty offers educational services to meet the needs of the community and industries in Thailand. The Faculty also aims to help alleviate technical manpower shortage problems faced by Thai industry.


Above all, a policy of the Faculty of Information Technology is to provide its students with excellent education by means of advanced IT teaching systems such as online live lectures, knowledge management systems (KMS) and state–of–the–art computer and network laboratories. Moreover, lecturers, staff and students are active in undertaking researches as well as helping local communities with IT technology.

The main objectives of the Faculty of Information Technology are, namely, to produce IT and computer proficient graduates, to encourage research work in computer and related fields, and to contribute to the development of software and hardware.


The Faculty of Information Technology (KMUTNB) provides Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in information technology, management of information systems, data communication and networking, and software engineering. Students will gain knowledge from the faculty’s lecturers, all of whom have got a doctoral degree, and from experts outside the faculty. Moreover, students will have access to modern IT equipment and one of the most complete e-faculty systems in the country.
The Faculty offers the following Master and Ph.D. Degree Programs:
Master Degree Program in Information Technology (Thai program)
    1. Information Technology (IT)
    2. Data Communication and Networking (DN)
    3. Applied Software Engineering (ASE)
Master Degree Program in Management Information Systems (Thai program)
    1. Management of Information Systems (MIS)
Master Degree Program in Information Technology (International program)
    1. Information Technology (IT)
    2. Management Information Systems (MIS)
Doctoral Degree Program (Thai and International programs)
    1. Information Technology (IT)
In 2013, the Faculty of Information Technology will be ready to offer a Master Degree Program in Data Communication and Networking in its own right.

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Location: Building Nawaminthrachinee, 3-7 Floor
Contact number: 02-555-2000 Ext. 2702
Website: http://it.kmutnb.ac.th/