The Faculty of Applied Arts was originally the Department of Languages and Social Sciences under the Faculty of Technical Education. Later, the Council of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, North Bangkok, reached an agreement and approval on the establishment of the Faculty of Applied Arts on the 12th June 2002 according to the 9th Tertiary Education Development Plan 2002-2006. The organization and objectives of its establishment are described below.


    1. To administer and take responsibility for teaching services in general courses in Languages, Social Sciences and Humanities taught in the university, so that the teaching services of those courses have the same direction and standards in terms of learning and teaching management, teaching plans, publication and provision of textbooks and documents, and testing and assessment.

    2. To produce graduates in Applied Linguistics, Social Sciences and Humanities in accordance with the philosophy of the faculty and university. There are 6 programs taught in the graduate level as follows:
       • Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
       • Doctor of Business Administration Program in Industrial Business
       • Master of Arts Program in Translation for Education and Business
       • Master of Arts Program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
       • Master of Business Administration Program in Industrial Business and Human
Resource Development
       • Master of Arts Program in English for Business and Industry Communication
(English program)


Human capital develops the nation, Applied Arts develops human resources


To be the leading organization of the university to produce internationally qualified graduates in Applied Arts


    1. For educational management – to develop educational management in order to have qualified graduates with academic and moral excellence according to the nation’s requirements and the philosophy of the sufficiency economy
    2. For research – to conduct fundamental and applied research in Applied Arts in order to deal with the problems of economic and social development
    3. For academic administration – to support knowledge of Applied Arts to the public
    4. For art and cultural conservation – to support, conserve and develop art and culture
    5. For administration – to administer the Faculty of Applied Arts in the principles of good administration and develop it to meet international standards

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