Faculty of Technical Education was established on July 12, 1969 with the name of Thai-German Technical Teacher College (TGTTC), which was a former subject with academics' assistance from Germany Government. Therefore, these needed to produce technical teachers in Bachelor's degree with two programs such as Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. This project had supported much kind of things such as tool, machine, educational aid, expert, scholarship, and observation which it started to accept undergraduate for the firstling since 1969 and was a module which was called B.S.Tech.Ed. for the first university in Thailand.
In 1971, Thai-German Technical Teacher College was granted the name “King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok” which had been a subjection of Ministry of Education and then transferred to be a subjection Ministry of University Affairs since 1974. The division of subject became the Faculty of Technical Education and Science.


In 1988, the Faculty’s name was changed into the “Faculty of Technical Education” because the Science department was separated and founded as the Faculty of Applied Science.

In this present the Faculty of Technical Education has organized education in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels with 21 curriculums.



To encourage innovation in Science and Technology through the development of people.


    1. To produce and develop qualified technical teachers in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels.
    2. To conduct and publicize research in both technical education and engineering.
    3. To provide academic services.i.e. consultancy, testing, survey and training.
    4. Activities related to the country’s art and culture should be the preservation of tradition.

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