The Faculty of Engineering, KMUTNB was previously known as the Engineering Department of the North Bangkok College of Technology (Thai-German Technical College) in 1964. Then, in 1971, when the college became King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok, it became the Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering.

Since its establishment, the policy of the Faculty has been to provide a cutting-edge education with experience as well as training in ethics to its students. The faculty also encourages graduates to apply their knowledge to effective problem-solving in engineering areas. The Faculty offers the widest choice of disciplines for the vocational certificate holders who pass the KMUTNB examinations. Such students will study 4 years and graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering degree.
In 1976, the Faculty started to admit higher vocational certificate holders for study in 2 programs: a 2-year program (regular program) and a 3-year program (twilight program). The aim of the Faculty was to produce talented engineers whose skills are highly respected by the industrial sectors in a newly-industrializing Thailand. As a result, the Faculty succeeded in supplying quality engineers who are creative, innovative, and capable of working cooperatively in both public and private sectors.
In 1991, in order to mitigate the shortage of industrial technicians in the labor market, the Faculty started to welcome high skills school students who passed the university entrance exam to join a 4-year program.

At present, the Faculty of Engineering offers 13 Bachelor of Engineering Degree programs, 2 Bachelor of Industrial Technology programs, 10 Master Degree programs and 7 Doctorate Degree programs, guided by the philosophy, “To develop people in Engineering fields and encourage innovation and application of knowledge in Science for society”


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