King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok initially provided a Master’s degree in Mechanical Technology which was a program offered by the Faculty of Technical Education and Science. This program was established according to an agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany which offered assistance in various aspects including educational equipment, specialists and teacher scholarships.

The first group of Master’s degree students in Mechanical Technology graduated in 1977, followed by graduates from other programs in later years. KMUTNB, therefore, officially established the Graduate College on May 21th, 1986 in order to 1) administer graduate curriculums, 2) insure the academic standards of the curriculums, and 3) cooperate with and support departments offering graduate programs.



An authority which supports, promotes, and insures that all the curriculums are of high quality and meet international standards.


Fast, satisfied and standard operation processes


The Graduate College is the central authority who provides support for departments and faculties offering graduate programs and insures that all the programs achieve equal academic standards as stipulated by university regulations. The Graduate College operates according to the following policies:
    1. Supporting, administering and insuring the quality and the international standards of graduate programs
    2. Supporting the development of and promoting professionally and internationally qualified graduate theses
    3. Managing the Graduate College effectively and bringing great satisfaction to clients
    4. Supporting activities which maintain and preserve Thai culture.

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