Press Release

28 August 2017

Winners and Runners- up of 2017 Teaching Academy Award

Students from the Faculty of Technical Education  became winners and runners-up of 2017 Teaching Academy Award competition,.  The Award winning categories involve teaching using instructional media alongside the application of educational software and hardware for effective teaching. 


A list of awards received by our students encompasses the first prizes for instructional software presentation; instruction on hard-disk lessons; teaching of architectural, design and agricultural lessons; teaching of electrical, electronics and telecommunications; first runner-up award for teaching in industrial, manufacturing and welding issues; and second runner- up prize for teaching in mechanical and mechatronic topics.


The 2017 competition took place during February 19-21, 2017 at Rajamangala University of technology Srivijaya, Songkla.



Winners and Runners- up of 2017 Teaching Academy Award