Science and Technology Research Institute (STRI) is the hub of research support and management. The overall goal of Science and Technology Research Institute covers the coordination and management of projects and research activities as to ensure that the defined project objectives are processed and fully supported.

Excellence  Research Center

Center with the aim of bringing together the groups of potential researchers following a similar line of investigation. By this means, valuable experiences and know-how of the veterans' valuable skills and previous experiences could be handed on to novice researchers. The STRI building accommodates multidisciplinary research groups. To date 32 units of Research Excellence Centers have been founded, some of which incorporate as the following:

    1. Knowledge-based Management Research Center of Industrial Auto Part
    2. Mold & Die Research and Development Center
    3. Research Center for Advanced Computation and Experimental Mechanics
    4. Food and Agro-Industry Research Center
    5. Polymer Research Center
    6. Center of Eco-Materials and Cleaner Technology
    7. Renewable Product and Energy Technology Center
    8. Integrated Nano Research Center
    9. The Waste Incineration Research Center
    10. Industrial Policy Research Center
    11. Development of Machinery and Industrial Equipment
    12. Research and Development Center for Chemical Engineering Unit Operation and Catalyst Design
    13. Research and Development Center for Mobile Embedded System and Telematics
    14. Research Center of Nano Industries and Bio-plastic
    15. Industrial Robot Research and Development Center
    16. Energy Management Systems and Monitoring & Verification Control, Research & Development Center
    17. Advanced Mechanical Engineering Technology Research Center
    18. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Research Center
    19. Industrial Electric and Control System Research Center


The Waste Incineration Research Center

Integrated Nano Research Center


Technology Licensing Office (TLO)

STRI has obtained a seed budget from the Commission on Higher Education to establish two significant commercialized units: Technology Licensing Office (TLO) and University Business Incubator (UBI). Technology Licensing Office promotes patenting and licensing of research work. Currently, a great number of national and international patents, petty patents and copyrights  have been issued through STRI responsibility.

University Business Incubator (UBI)

The University Business Incubator (UBI) aim emphasizes giving support for small companies, such as  providing office areas and facilities, and offering assistance in the training of business management as well as technology-related issues. The following samples indicate  companies participating in the development project and receiving assistance from UBI.

Innovation and Technology Awards
The arrangement of the Innovation and Technology Award event and activity was initiated by the Science and Technology Research Institute with the intention of honoring faculty and students whose innovation involves any kind of technology. Recent awards and categories are as follows :

Consolation prizes:

Faculty category (Research and Development)

Preliminary Research for Distribution Transformer Load Monitoring

Faculty category (Invention)

1. Protective Operating Capacitor Devices for Unbalanced- Phase Three–Phase Motors

2.  Water Steam Plasma for Welding Cutting & Experiment Set

Student category (Hardware)

1. Rescue Robot

2. Saving Energy by Developments of LEDs Driver Circuit for Outdoor Lighting

3. Adjustable Angle Tool Post

Student category (Software)


Applications Software for Analysis
of Production and Eco- efficiency of Sugar Mills







Student category (Research/Instruction Media)

1. Anti–bacterial Spray from Silver Nano 2. Biogas Production from Food Waste Added with Crude Glycerin Produced from Biodiesel Production